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Why we choose Jivo Chat?

Here is our first blog article for upcoming blog articles.

In this blog we would like give information about our live chat searching adventure. As our mission is to offer the best quality for our customers, we needed to communicate with our clients as fast and as easy as possible. That is why we needed a live chat support. When our site started to have live chat, we started to have lots of interaction with our potential clients. Mostly users do not read what is written in a website. They tend to ask the same questions to live chat. However, when they get respond fast, they are more likely to buy services from us.

Having a live chat possibility gives the users safety that their voices are important. There is a living person just like them in the other side of the channel. They can ask and feel comfortable to spend much more time in order to get the information they need. It also gives them the feeling that their time is valued. For example, we did not have any live chat opportunity then the customers question was going to be answered from mail which means it would have taken at least 1 business day to get an answer for the question or request.

Even though it was crystal clear to have a live chat for our site. It was not clear what live chat software that we have to use. It needed lots of investigation plus lots of trial and error. We have spent hundreds of euros in each software and tried to see if it suited our needs. At first, we tried free live chat software but they were not reliable. Most of the time we faced out of service errors. Then our continued search we found Jivo Chat. We absolutely loved it.

Here are the most important features that we personally preferred Jivo chat over the other live chat software.

Easy to install.

It was very easy to install to our phone and also add the code piece in our website. Then we were live.

Easy to communicate using different channels.

We could talk with our potential clients from our phones or website and it was simply flexible.

It has various languages options.

Our team is English speaking but it was a good feature in case we have a team member when he does not speak English.

Multiple agents can give customer support

o Jivo chat offers multiple agent to use the software. This is a pretty good feature because it means while one agent is away another agent can respond to the questions of our users.

Distribute chats based on visitors’ locations

Our team is focused on different sections and with this feature it helps us to divide tasks. For example, if one page is about ordering coding services, our support who is experienced in coding related questions answers the client if he requests a live chat.

Service quality ratings.

o We need to offer best quality to our users so with this feature we actually monitor our customer support team and learn which parts we are doing wrong and which parts we should keep doing.

These are the main advantages Jivo provided for us and that is why we will continue to work with them.

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